"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.
The amount of work is the same." ~Francesca Reigler

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hi honey, I'm home!

Five things I'm thankful for in regards to the new house:

  1. No stairs
  2. Gas stove
  3. Three car garage
  4. Big master bath
  5. Dedicated laundry room

Yesterday afternoon I started unpacking the kitchen stuff. Holy moly! I have a ton of spices! I need to remedy that. I have fifty kajillion little bottles of stuff. Going to start weeding that stuff out and just keep basics.  I have no need for stuff like shawarma or tandoori seasoning. Buh-bye!

I'm having a tough time deciding what goes where.  I have wisdom enough to know that things will move around... But the OCD perfectionist in me wants things done a certain way. I need to relax on that.

Right now I'm taking the afternoon off while Norma and Patricia clean the apartment. I have about four or five jeep loads to go. Or if hubby does it, he can do it in two truck loads. Then I can call it done. Tomorrow I'll clean the carpets and on Saturday I'll try to pick up some stuff, but not making huge promises. It's supposed to be quite rainy.

I've got until close of business on Monday.

Last night I crashed hard. I slept like Rip Van Winkle. Felt good to sleep. And I don't wake up confused about where I am! That's a good sign that I'm home.

Today I'm still a bit loggy, but I'm functioning. I'm chilling on the floor of the living room debating on taking a nap. I feel guilty doing nothing while I have two ladies working. I keep saying to myself that hiring this out is a treat I'm doing for me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Coming up for air

It's late Wednesday afternoon and I'm taking the rest of the day off. I'm trying to head off a body revolt. My knees have gotten noisy (audible clicks when I walk) and I'm just beat and worn.

Help came in the form of two angels yesterday --Steve and Morgan, my two mover guys. We filled that truck to the top. Left several car loads. I got three done today, but have about three or four more to go.

No, I haven't unpacked here. Just too damn tired.

Tomorrow Molly Maids come to start the apartment cleanup. Then I get to shampoo the carpet before I hand over the keys.  If I can get this place spic and span by Friday I'll be in business. I'd really like to beat the rain.

It wouldn't be so bad if I had a garage remote for the house. The owners lost those. Grrrrrr. So as soon as my body is willing I'll climb a ladder to get the model # of our unit and look for how the code is set up. Then I can find some universal remotes.

Our driveway has a fairly steep incline, so it's hell on the knees getting in and out of the car, up the hill and punching in the code on our keypad. Add in that our three car garage is reduced to one car... Barely... And you get the picture.

Hubby's doing ok in Japan. I haven't heard from him today. I think today is when the schedule gets busy. His coworker is flying in for a deal with one of their machines. They are shipping direct from Japan or something...

Right now I would give my kingdom for a massage. I'm booking myself a spa day when this is over. I'm talking massage and facial. Yes, my skin is looking rough, too!

Well, I need more fluids in me. That helps stave off muscle aches. Gonna pop a 222 aspirin for the knees and back. Who knows, I might even get around to unpacking a box or two. Lol!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


It's 5:42 am this very moment. We both crashed early last night. Hubby is on his way to Nagoya for a week of research, training, and presentations to the other owners of the company.

We have the house! Wild day. Around noon we got a message that some papers were left out of our packet. Washington has this crazy law that you don't get the keys until the deed is recorded. They call the paper-signing the consummation. The closing is when the loan gets funded and the deed recorded. So, you could imagine how nutso I was when that development came to light. My field marshall type A personality came out to play. Not nice...

But all is well. No issues so far (knock on wood).

Today and tomorrow I start packing up the last minute dregs and running artwork over to the house. This gives me a couple days to get a command center up and running before the movers come.

I've already had my first (minor) casualty-- I've lost my Fitbit. But I'm sure it's somewhere near the house. At least I hope it is.

Please pray that I hold up okay. I'm already having wrist issues. Can't find my brace. Will hit the drug store for a quick replacement. It's on the way.

Gonna lay back down for some more shuteye. That way I can be fresh as a daisy. Lol!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We have lift-off!

Sometime on Friday is our closing. Yay! This works out perfectly in that it gives me lots of time to work the move on my own. Hubby is leaving town for Japan on Saturday. Pray for us!

I got all the utilities notified within the first hour of our notice yesterday. Got a logistics schedule going, too. That way I know what I'm doing on a given day and where I need to be. This new schedule gives me time to move some items that require special handling before the movers get here. So excited. I was even able to move the moving date. This will give me more time to work on cleaning the apartment for turnover. I hired Molly Maids for cleaning the three bathrooms and kitchen. I'm handling the carpets, blinds, baseboards, and windows.

Yesterday I enjoyed a rest day. Well, laundry day. But lately that's a rest day for me. Today I'll be out and about running some last-minute errands.

It's about to get real!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Morning

Today's dunk is Stumptown's Cold Brew iced coffee. Yum! 

Things will start to get interesting... We are getting down to the wire. As of 8:30 this morning I have no idea whether closing will be this or next week. The sellers will be in town tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm hoping we close ASAP. That will give me a week to get out of this apartment and get stuff ready to hand over the keys. That would be a huge mercy for me.

I had a short chat with hubby after we paid the house a visit late afternoon. Hubby had to inspect the work done last weekend. That bought us another year or two on the deck/painting punch list items. I'm still not totally imagining us there yet. But that will happen sooner than later. With the home comes a new set of anxieties. Being tied to a dwelling, the money part, etc. I know my trepidation is normal with such a huge decision. I love my guy... He said we'll get through it all together. I hope so. 

Poor guy was exhausted after his return from Panama. Totally, utterly exhausted. He slept most of the afternoon yesterday. He brought home these little critters for the grandkids. By now they have a plush zoo of unique animals (squid, spawning salmon, yeti, starfish, octopus, elk, etc.,)

Today's task is carpet cleaning on the stairs and in the dining room. There are a few spots that need some attention. So I get the joys of lugging big machines up/down a stairway. Wanna play? 

Jamie is finally working (!!). She started with a temp agency today. Good thing. I hope this leads to bigger things. 

I need to sort laundry. I know... big, huge excitement. Gotta get hubby ready for his trip to Japan later this week. 

Despite all the stresses and anxieties I do have tons to be thankful for. What's that saying? "To blessed to be stressed"? I much prefer the one "stressed is desserts spelled backwards." Speaking of which, I need some cake...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday morning

Dang! About four noisy aircraft just flew over, an Airbus, a Bombardier, an Otter, and a Boeing 737. The local airports must be hugely busy today. The Otter has a deep rumble, the Airbus and DeHavilland have a whistle and a whine... Boeings are fairly smooth.

Sounds like the makings of an aviation joke. An Airbus, Bombardier, an Otter, and a Boeing 737 fly into a bar...

I crack myself up!

Yes, I'm weird.

Speaking of planes, hubby is hovering over Mexico right now. On his way home from Panama, the country. Yesterday he was able to see the canal in action. I was lucky enough to find a webcam online and see the same things he saw but from a different viewpoint. Such is the miracle of modern communication!

His shot...

My shot... As you can tell he was slightly behind my point of view, but closer to the edge of the lock.

He had lunch at a fancy buffet near the canal. I kept joking with him asking him if that was really beef or horse. Lol!

I had crazy dreams this morning. I was in spy mode dealing with terrorists and avoiding explosions. Thank goodness it wasn't real. It also involved bright red lip gloss and white tennis shoes, along with suitcases to snatch important documents. Been watching too many movies on Netflix and Amazon while hubby was gone.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Sigh... A good sigh. It's the sweet sound of rain I'm hearing. Yup, and still in bed. Relaxing before I take care of stuff today.  Hubby messaged me from Panama this morning saying he gets to see the big canal locks today. Lucky dog.

Yesterday was a mental health day spent with friends. One of the area's most loved quilt shops is closing, so we took a ferry to shop. I was good. Very good. I sat in a chair and held my friends' bolts. I kept my purse in the car and didn't buy a thing. We call these outings FARTs. Fabric Acquisition Road Trips. I know... We are goofy.

My chest is getting rumbly. Yesterday it was hurting as I was breathing in. Hope I'm not catching something. So today is deemed another day of rest.

Got a message that our closing may happen next week. Yikes! So much to do! The Sellers will be in town to pick up the remaining stuff in the house. I may have to make a bunch of phone calls to reschedule utilities, but I'm okay with that.

But like I say, today is a day of rest.