"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.
The amount of work is the same." ~Francesca Reigler

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Let's start off with my dream this morning:
I was on a bus/boat type vehicle doing an around the world trip. I had an unwrapped ham in my lap. Morgan freeman was the driver. And there was a cow on the top deck, and a big huge cockroach crawling around. Other people on the bus included a very wealthy man, my friends Dorothy Claire and Linda F. There was also this Hispanic couple in front of me. Shepard Smith, and a whole bunch of crazy characters.
We were somewhere in Mexico going through customs. I was telling Dorothy Claire about how beautiful the water is. How it is so clear that you can see the bottom of the ocean. Then we came onto a huge drop off in the water. Like 1000 foot drop off. and then the boat survived the drop but started taking on water. 
The wealthy guy had Morgan Freeman drive us to a holiday inn where the wealthy guy bought all of us rooms --- he basically bought the whole hotel. Then folks paired off in groups of four for the rooms.
Because everybody took so long to choose roommates those of us left had to go with Morgan Freeman to the repair shop to get the boat fixed. I was wondering how I was going to juggle my ham and all the rest of my stuff, with it being over 3 to 5 miles away from the hotel. Then I woke up.

This what what I dreamt about right before the alarm going off. My question is this. What the hell was I doing with an unwrapped ham in my lap? I mean seriously, who does this?

I'm shaking my head on that one. LOL!

I started off this morning with a good deed. I was getting stir crazy, so I headed out to run some errands. A guild friend is stuck back at her workplace, while the rest of her department is at a trade show. I've been in her shoes and it's not fun. So on my trip out I pulled into starbucks and got her a skinny latte. (And a regular extra strong one for me). Done and delivered with a smile.

I hit World Market and bought some tea. I am craving a good, hearty black tea. Not the flavored stuff. a hearty breakfast tea. So I bought several brands and will be having a tea-off tomorrow. I like the malty flavor of an assam black tea, but it's not round enough for me. I like my tea strong, bold, and malty.

Looking forward to that. Don't worry, I'll blog about it.

Yesterday I got another project finished. It's an asian-looking wall-hanging but I will use it as a runner for my sideboard buffet. Today I plan on finishing a quilt that needs to be done.

I'm loving my newfound energy. My doc increased one of my meds to help with hot flashes and I started back on vitamins. I'm taking a B12, a multi-vitamin, some needed D3 (vitamin sunshine), and calcium. Plus she added a new allergy/asthma med for me. I'm breathing much better. I hope this continues.

With the rainy season starting, I'm really trying to make an effort to stave off the gray days that the rainy season brings up here. I know I have several months of gray coming and I don't want to get all mopey like I did last year. It was hard. Really, really hard. And seeing that this is something I can control, I'm going after it head-on.

So if I start sounding mopey, I ask y'all to kick me. Okay?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mid-Week Checkup

Good rainy morning! It's 7:26am and I'm still nestled in my soft, comfy, flannel sheets. It's raining. Again. Fancy that! Rain in Seattle. Who'd a thunk?

I ended up waking up at 4am yesterday. A certain someone didn't shut off his alarm when he woke up before it. So needless to say I got a lot accomplished. I did finish a project I was working on for months. So it's all good.

I've had two awesome days of productivity. I'm shooting for three. Being optimistic. Will be dressing and starting my day shortly.

Hubby's been busy with big pharma clients from out of town, so his work hours are wonky. They are here for factory acceptance testing of their machines.

My right leg muscles are giving me fits. I know it's due to my changed walking pattern from swinging my boot around. I'm going to take it easy today and not wear my boot. I know that makes me a bad girl, but I'd really prefer not to alter my gait too much. I've been doing stretching exercises, but my leg still hurts. I spent part of last night pushing out knots in my calf.

Got an invitation for ginger cookie's first birthday party. First off, I can't believe a year has passed. Secondly, travel funds are low and we cannot afford a trip east for a while, so we'll be attending electronically. I ordered her birthday gift, a red headed baby doll, to be shipped by the party date. I'm looking forward to the cake moment. I'm hoping she dives in head first. I know I would!

Well, I bettter hop along and really start my day. Make it a good one, yall!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rainy Monday Morning

It's a rainy Monday morning. I've taken to setting my alarm at 7am this week so I can be up and at 'em. My sleep habits need some tweaking, as I've let them slide a bit while hubby was gone. Of course, the first morning I do this it is rainy and dark. But I got up and turned the light on and am starting my day.

Hubby is back home. Poor boy was tired as all get out. Being shoved in a silver tube (airplane) for hours on end didn't help much. So we took it easy yesterday. Basically we just hung out at home and watched nature shows on Netflix. And, no, that's not code for anything racy. We learned about herds and swarms, honey badgers, otters, mule deer, and coy-wolves.

Today's order of the day is to do laundry, get a good dinner going, and do some work in the studio. I spent last night pouring through my iPad magazines, looking for quilt patterns to make. I figured out how to print them (take a screen shot, email to PC, save as PDF, and print). I'm sure there is an easier way, but this is my work-around. I found three that I'm going to "kit" up.

I need to make more time to sew. I've got the time, I just need to budget more wisely. Another reason why the alarm is set. I may try moving it up to 6:30am. We'll see...

I wish you could hear the sound of the rain on the leaves right now. So peaceful!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beautiful Sunny Day

Oh what a beautiful sunny day! It started out a tad cloudy then, boom... Sunshine... Glorious sunshine! See what I mean? It's autumn in Washington, y'all!

Today was a busy day. I woke up, lazed in bed and went to a meeting across town. Then I went to lunch with a friend.

After lunch I visited Barnes and Noble to browse the magazine section while waiting for my hair appointment. I was badly in need of a haircut. My hair is fine, but thick and it gets "big" and goes flat. not fun.

Today I just sat in the chair and told Haileigh to do her thing. NO need to specify what I want, I just want her to do her thing. I came out a pound lighter with pixie short hair... Pair that with my new Zenni plaid glasses and you have cuteness times ten! At least I think so...

Over the past few weeks I've dropped almost ten pounds. Most of it is the usual water weight loss. My appetite has ratcheted down considerably. I don't find myself snacking as much as I usually did. The only thing I can think of that might have changed was that I've started dosing up on Vitamin D and B12. Vitamin D for the winter  when the gray days start. And the B12 for energy.

This morning's dream was interesting. I was on Florida to visit the beach. Evidently some gegeologicalvent occurred and the part of Florida we were visiting "broke off" and started floating and swirling around in the ocean. To make matters worse, I had to go pee. Yes, having to pee during a geological disaster in my dream world is difficult. I had to drive to places to get there. While the land was swirling about in the water. Then the line was oh-so-long. And of course, only one stall!

Thank goodness it was only a sleep dream.

I just got off the phone with hubby. He'll be home Saturday night. I'm glad. I miss him bunches! Hes been working in a pharmaceutical plant, where they have suit up and do the clean room thing. He's been kidding the folks there that he was going to suit up for his flight home. Scary times. To be honest, I wouldn't blame him. But that's a whole nother blog entry and this is my happy place. So I won't go into that here. You can just infer what I mean by not saying anything.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alive and kicking with no worries and nothing but good luck

Good evening. Dashing this off before I go to bed. Going to bed early tonight. I am beat! I was up late last night and was awakened early this morning.

Ten days after my fall and all is well! I had a bit of foot pain today, but nothing an aleve couldn't handle. Didn't last long at all. Maybe 5-10 minutes. Then gone. I'm still in the boot, but that's fine. I know why I need to wear it.

Today I went to sewing with the ladies. Did our usual Mediterranean place for lunch. The guys who run it are so nice! I had a salad with gyro meat. I wasn't really hungry today, so I didn't finish it. Then after sewing I met a couple friends for an early movie.

I saw Gone Girl. I kept looking and thinking, "I've been there", so I pulled up Mr. Google and learned it was Filmed in Missouri. Then I remembered a friend of mine telling me about the filming of that movie near where she lives. DUH! My two friends enjoyed the film. I thought it was just okay. But then I'm not a "movie" person.

I got home and was puttering around the house. Something kept telling me to open the front door and the lid to the milk box. My delivery is tomorrow. I opened the box to find it full of milk, cottage cheese, and eggs. Warm... Evidently I have messed up my delivery schedule and my every other week order has now become my every week order. Yikes! With the disposal going I promptly took care of the spoiled milk (while losing the rest of my lunch, if you catch my drift). week old milk products are not fun! Tomorrow I will contact my service to have them zero out my account so I can rebuild my standing order. I feel like such a dope, but I am so glad I got that wild hair to check the box.

Tomorrow is my regular scheduled delivery. I'm so glad I checked the box. I don't always leave the lid open, but I like to know when my milk is here. I leave it open and they shut the lid. But somehow the spirits intervened. I ordered myself a treat. Some pink strawberry milk. They had a special going. I'm very pleased with the milk service. It really saves me from hitting the grocery a gazillion times a week/month.

Tomorrow I have dinner plans with another friend. I'm trying out a new "turkey" restaurant. Well, new to me. This should be fun.

Nothing major exciting is going on, unless you count that I bought a yard of fabric for $5 (sale price) and found out I had a $5 credit, So basically I got it for the 42 cents tax. For stuff that is normally priced upwards to $11-12/yard, that's pretty darn good.

Got a good report from the doc today, too. All my bloodwork came back normal. A1c and metabolic panel. No complaints there. Nothing beyond the normal ranges. Thankful for that.

Sooo... I'm counting my blessings about the milk stuff and the fabric today. Also that I'm in good health and heading to bed early. Sleep is good.

All is well here in my world. Still fat, quite happy, and feeling blessed.  :)

Monday, October 13, 2014


I just visited a national news website and I noticed they identified who the nurse is in Texas that has tested positive for ebola. My heart sank and I immediately teared up. There by the grace of God goeth my niece, several of my sister-in-laws, and friends. But I'll be honest. The young nurse looks about the same age as my niece who works in a very large hospital.

Luckily my niece's specialization is not in the area that would care for such a patient, but it tugs at my heart nonetheless. The young Texas nurse will definitely be in my prayers.

In addition to those affected by Ebola, please keep all the caregivers and health professionals in your prayers right now. They are dealing with unknown and scary territory. Pray for their safety, wisdom, protection, and healing.

They have a tough road ahead. Very tough, I'm afraid.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Sighs

I've been staying home the last few days. There's no real need to get out, so why bother? On Friday the events of the past week caught up with me. Yesterday I rested again to make sure it sticks. Catching Reign on Netflix. It's about Mary Queen of Scots.

My boot cast is bothering my left leg a bit. I hopefully took care of the issue.

Today I played mad scientist in the kitchen. I made some adobo chicken wings. I used this recipe, I was going to make them crispy style and fry them, but I just stuck with the basis simmered wings.

Ohmyeverlovinggravy -- I love the tangy and savory flavor!!!!!

I've never had adobo chicken before and I figure this was a good start.. I used what I had on hand -- Regular white vinegar and low sodium soy sauce instead of the Filipino brands. The sauce simmers with the wings, infusing them with the rich color and flavor. The bay leaf, garlic, and black pepper add a mellow background to the tang and unami of the vinegar and soy sauce.

This recipe is a keeper! I can't wait to make these for hubby! He's going to love them!

Yes, my lovelies, I found a new food addiction...

I've been having funny dreams lately. This morning's was about me going back to college and being at a fraternity beer party that was busted up by the police. I escaped just before the mayhem began. And yes, I was my current age in the dream. That's what made it equally as funny! Me at a frat party at 52 years old? Hilarious!

Things are pretty quiet around here. VERY quiet. I like that.  Hope it stays that way.